Friday, January 23, 2009

How to Buy Hockey Skates

Your skates are your most important, most expensive piece of hockey equipment you will own. To get the most out of your time on the ice, take the time find the best skates for your feet, and and your skating ability.

The first thing you learn about Hockey Skates is that the sizes are not the same as your shoe size. Hockey skates will often fit 1, or even 2 sizes less than your shoe size. It's not uncommon for someone who wears a size 9 shoe to where a size 8 skate. As each manufacture has slightly different sizes. Let your pro shop know your shoe size, and he will bring you out the closest skate size for each make of skate. You still may have to move up or down a half-size, but you shouldn't be too far off.
Bring the socks you plan to wear on the ice with you to try on skates. If you don't wear socks when you play, bring a thin nylon sock, like a dress sock. Nobody wants to buy a new pair of skates once somebody else's bare foot has been in it.

While skating 'commando' may give you a better feel for the ice (it seem to work for Bobby Orr), keep in mind your skates will wear out faster as more bacteria infested sweat will be absorbed into the boot. Be sure to air them out after every game.
How to Try on Hockey skates
  • Once your foot is in the skate, kick back on your heel to lock your heel into the back of the skate.

  • Lace up the skates as if you were going on the ice. Your big toe should barely touch to front of the skate. If your toes are jammed into the front of the skate, try a larger size.

  • Stand up and bend at your ankles and knees. Your toes should pull back completely away from the front of the skate. If they are still touching, you likely need to go up a half-size.

  • The skate should feel snug on all sides. Having consistent contact around your entire foot will give you greater control, and a more immediate response from your foot, to the boot, to the blade, to the ice.

  • Walk around a bit to make sure your heel stays locked in, and there are no uncomfortable pressure points on either foot.

  • If your skate feels too tight on the sides, but your toe is just grazing the front of the skate, try a wider skate, like a 'D' in the same size, rather than moving up a size.
Skating Ability
Within a line of any brand of skates, the top of line will be the stiffest skate designed for elite players. If you're just learning to skate, or even if you're an intermediate skater, buying the most expensive skate will not improve your skating. Most manufactures carry a full range of models at various price points and stiffness that will match your skating ability.
Don't just buy a particular model or brand because that's what your favorite NHL Player wears. Pros get their skate boots custom made, so even if you buy the same model, it's not the same skate.

Buy the skate with the best fit for your foot and your skating ability.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thermablade Skate Blades Review

While Thermablade has yet to obtain approval from the NHLPA, there's a chance the AHL players might start heating up the ice.

On Jan. 25, Thermablade's Tory Weber meets with the AHL board of governors to pitch his product.

Thermablades are a heated skateblade powered by a battery. The theory is that the reduced friction of the blade gliding on the ice will allow you to skate faster, with less effort.
"Skating is possible because there is always a thin layer of water on the ice surface. By warming the steel blade the microscopic layer of water is increased and numerous skating benefits are realized for hockey players."

Thermablade Battery

The batteries are designed to give you least 75 minutes of ice time between charges. The battery automatically shuts off when you are not on the ice, the reheats back up to 5°Celcius when you're back on the ice. They can usually be recharged within an hour, 2 hours if the battery is fully drained. The extra components are fully waterproof and only add about an ounce of weight to the skate.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

RBK 9K Pump

RBK 9K Pump Features

Perforated pro carbon anatomical ankle support
Full-length comfort foam and lightweight
HD molded foam saddle lace-bite guard combined with a foam-felt tongue to maximize comfort and forward flex.

PLAYDRY water repellent.
CLARINO liner delivers comfort and features anti-microbial.
ULTRA FRESH treatment.
PRO ARMOUR delivers 50% more protection and maximizes durability.
MICROTEX gloss embossed trims maximize abrasion resistance and durability.
THRUSTER footbed features FibreGrip topcloth and moisture management.
Lightweight low profile overmolded bi-composite perforated outsole minimizes mass, maximizes energy transfer and delivers a reactive feel.
RBK E-BLADE PRO blade holder maximizes energy transfer and features easy runner attachment.
PROFORMANCE Lite Stainless runner.

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Easton Stealth S15 Composite

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CCM Vector 10 Hockey Skates SR.

F-I-T-SYSTEM® CCM® F-I-T-SYSTEM® combines heat and pressure for a “gapless” customized fit.

Lightweight pro carbon perforated anatomical ankle support delivers performance pro players demand Ankle Pads Pro comfort plus foams immediately form to the ankles eliminating break-in Tongue Anatomical Foam-felt tongue features lightweight high-density molded foam “saddle” lace-bite guard that delivers comfort and forward flex

ULTIMA DRY™ anti-microbial ULTRA FRESH† liner for an optimal blend of comfort, durability and moisture management Quarter New pro Agility Bands and lightweight pro metal-mesh maximize durability.

Lightweight MICROTEX† trims maximize abrasion resistance and long-term durability Footbed ULTIMA DRY™ footbed features a lightweight natural 3D heel cup and moisture management

TEXALIUM† MATRIX COMPOSITE perforated outsole minimizes mass and maximizes energy transfer Holder CCM® E-BLADE™ PRO blade holder maximizes energy transfer and features user friendly replaceable runner.
PROformance Lite™ Stainless features optimized mass reducing scallops
Senior: 6-12 Full/Half C, D, E 13 Full E Junior: 1-5.5 Full/Half D, E Youth: 8-9 Full D 10-13.5 Full/Half D

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Nike Bauer Supreme 70 Hockey Skates SR.

Upper Features Quarter Package: Sublimated ultra-light Tech Mesh Lining Material: Hydrophobic Clarino synthetic leather Heel Support; Exterior heel wedge

Ankle Support: Patented pro-integrated, anatomical heel/ankle support

Ankle Padding: Lightweight Insta-form+ foam ankle pads

Tongue Construction: Anatomical molded tongue with high-density metatarsal guard

Footbed: Grip power channel construction

Thermoformable: Full upper Lower Features

Outsole: Perforated, full composite Blade Holder and Runner: Tuuk Lightspeed 2 POWER with solid steel runner

Manufacture recommend 1 sizes smaller than your shoe size

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Patrick Kane Autographed Hockey Skates

Patrick Kane Winter Classic Limited Edition Skates at NHL

Chicago Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane partnered with Bauer Hockey to personally design skates and sticks for use during the Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic 2009 held at Wrigley Field in Chicago on New Year’s Day.

Only 88 skates and 88 sticks were created for this special event and Kane has personally signed each and is auctioning off a limited number of skates and sticks to raise money for breast cancer research in Chicago and his home town of Buffalo.

Each skate and stick auctioned has been personally signed by Kane, individually numbered and accompanied by a letter of authenticity from Kane and Bauer Hockey.