Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Easton Stealth S9 Ice Hockey Skate Review

The Easton Stealth S9 Ice Hockey Skate is the top level traditionally constructed skate by Easton. The HyperLite composite quarter panels offers ideal support. The S9 ice skate has some of the same comfort and performance features of the S17 and S9 ice skates making this skate ideal for the intermediate player.

The reality is that most rec hockey players (including myself) don't need the top-of-the-line skates to perform to the best of their abilities. I always look for the best bang-for-my-buck in all my hockey equipment, and skates are no exception.

You can easily find able to find a pair of Easton Stealth S9 Ice Skates for under $200. Chances are you'll score just as many goals as with theEaston S17s and you'll save yourself $200 - $300.

UniBody™ Construction - Easton's properietary skate construction. The entire skate is assembled and shaped as one unit rather than in separate parts
  • HyperLite composite quarters - Ideal support for interemdiate level of play
  • Metallic mesh exterior - Offers a durable exterior

Stealth Padlock heel retention system- Eliminates heel slippage by anatomically locking the ankle into place, filling any negative space and giving energy return

InTS integrated tendon structure - Soft support to protect the back of your foot

Bio-Dri™ woven microfiber liner and footbed - Provides comfort and moisture reduction

Dry Flow™ liner - Drainage system on the sole of the skate. Releases moisture and excess heat created during play. Skates stay dryer resulting in lighter, better fitting skates

Injected abrasion guard in high wear areas for added durability

Heat Moldable

Razor Bladz II holder with stainless steel runners
  • Parabolic runners allows the steel to arc during turns improving energy return and creating faster, sharper turns
  • High quality Swedish Stainless Steel
  • Secure and easy to use 2 sided hardware system

Weight of a Size 9D Skate: 890.18 grams

Ideal for the intermediate level player

Sizes: Senior 6 – 12.5 in regular D width and the wider EE width

Easton skates generally fit 1/2 sizes down from your regular shoe size

Saturday, April 24, 2010

RBK 11K Pump White

Reebok Releases White 11K Pump

RBK Hockey releases the White 11K Pump skate on April 14th 2010. The white version is available in senior, junior and youth sizes — and in an optional “D/AA” width to accommodate the fit needs of more players.

The Canadian-made 11K Pump debuted at retailers across North America.The skate has grabbed plenty of attention such as notable NHL rookie and Reebok Hockey team member Matt Duchene.

The 11K’s design includes an improved Pump-inflated air bladder that molds to a skater’s foot — no matter what the shape — for a customized fit. The result: Players aren’t just upgrading to the 11K from other Reebok models, but switching from other brands, including 50 NHL players to date since January 1st, 2010.

The Pump concept has been optimized for 2010; Reebok has moved the Pump slightly in the boot to improve the flow of air to and control of the internal Pump chamber. This eliminates natural gaps around the ankle to keep a player’s foot in place, enhance heel lock and forward flex, and improve stability.

Reebok skates normally are constructed on a “D/A” last. The wider “D” sizing is in the forefoot and narrower “A” is found in the heel. The “D/AA” pattern on the 11K is slightly narrower in the heel.

“Players are putting their feet in our skate and the comfort level is winning them over,” Andrew Stewart, Reebok’s skate product manager said. “We’re hearing that the 11K is the most comfortable skate out of the box. For some players, the narrower ‘AA’ heel improves fit and performance even more.”

Can't afford the Reebok 11K? Go for the Reebok 9K.

Easton Synergy EQ5 Skate Review

Easton Synergy EQ5

Easton has developed a new skate for 2010 called Synergy EQ5. This skate will offer a completely new design and fit from Easton’s current line. The EQ5 skate is labeled as the powerful and comfortable skate within Easton’s top skates.

The Synergy EQ5 is built with Easton’s new Hybrid Fusion technology. This technology allows Easton to laminate a supportive, composite outer upper with formable, inner foam. Easton has used an EPP base for its lightweight and supportive properties, and a PU outer coating for great durability. The resulting upper offers such a solid feel that the skate doesn’t require any added plastic stiffeners. This allows the EQ5 to have what Easton refers to as a Global Flex. Meaning the upper flexes uniformly, not focused, therefore there is less breakdown of the uppers. As well, without plastic inserts, the EQ5 remains competitively lightweight while delivering pro-level support.

As for the out of the box fit, the EQ5 offers Easton’s Ideal-Fit System. This system encompasses the foot with anatomically molded foams. Easton went with molded foams to greatly increase the initial comfort of the skate, and to accommodate foot types that just didn’t fit properly in the stealth series. The width of the skate is on the wide side so it’s very accommodating. And without plastic stiffeners, the EQ5 is easily heat moldable to offer that tight, custom fit or just accommodate a unique foot shape. For the tongue, Easton has gone with a traditional felt tongue that has molded HD foam insert for protection.

The Synergy EQ5 will be complete with Easton’s innovative DryFlow outsole. DryFlow outsoles feature vents, which release moisture and excess heat. This allows the skate to remain dryer which will help keep the skate lighter late in the game. As well, removing excess moisture will increase the lifetime of the skate. Connected to the outsole is Easton’s Razor-Bladz2 holder with an Elite Runner.

The Easton Synergy EQ5 skate is built for the advanced level skater that’s looking for a medium to wide overall fit, similar to a Reebok or Bauer Supreme fit. The EQ5 is built to have above average mold ability, like a CCM U+ skate.

You can buy the Easton Synergy EQ5 skate online at

Power and comfort are combined in the new Synergy® EQ by mixing a fully heat formable upper with composite reinforcements.

EQ skates fit like a glove and make players feel powerful and confident in their skates.

COMPOSITE ENERGY RETURN A strategically-placed framework of composite reinforcement optimizes response and long-term performance consistency

HEAT MOLDABLE PERFORMANCE Lightweight, fully-moldable Fusion Foam quarters form to your foot for a customizable fit

IDEAL-FIT SYSTEM This fit system for Synergy® skates encompasses the foot with thermally activated, anatomical ankle foams and an extremely comfortable felt-based tongue

TEXALIUM COMPOSITE OUTSOLE This new lightweight, stiff design adds composite power and Easton’s Dry Flow™ sets the standard for improved moisture management

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rollerguards: Convert Ice Skates into Roller Skates

RollerGard Ice Skate Guards

A Saginaw Michigan man has a new invention that he hopes will help revolutionize the game. It's called "Rollergard."

It's a new a hockey product that Paul Steinhauser dreamed up during a deep sleep in Davison.

"I don't know, it just came to me," he said. "I have a little workshop behind the house, so I just started tinkering with it."

Following five years of tinkering, Rollergard has now been on the market for two weeks.

Rollergard converts any children's sized ice hockey skate into a roller skate and saves the cost of buying both. It also allows busy parents to help their kids lace up before heading to the rink.

"I would like to be able to dress him at home and get his skates good and tight and roll on into the arena," Steinhauser said.

The design also allows coaches to run their kids through practice drills in parking lots or hallways. It's earned a ringing endorsement from former Red Wing Chris Chelios.

More at: Convert Ice Skates into Roller Skates