Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bauer TotalONE Skate Review

The Bauer Supreme TotalONE Skate

On Feb 17, 2010 Bauer officially launched the BAUER SUPREME TOTALONE Skate, the company's most advanced skate in its 83-year history. The skate debuted during the first day of men's ice hockey competition in Vancouver as several of the game's top players took to the ice in Bauer's most revolutionary skate to date.

The TOTALONE features anatomically correct Alive Composite in the upper and insole to provide the utmost in efficiency and responsiveness - with a weight below 700 grams, it's a 100g lighter than the ONE95. The skate can be heated and customized around the ankle and heel, providing a true 360-degree fit for any foot shape.

The TOTALONE also features the Reflex Tongue, the first-ever customizable tongue that allows players to customize the flex and performance of the tongue for the utmost in personalization. The skate comes with three different composite tongue inserts (Mid, Stiff, X-Stiff) that can be interchanged based on player preference.

The Reflex Tongue and the Alive Composite combined with technological enhancements within the skate's tendon guard, create a slingshot effect that propels players forward, especially in the all-important first stride.

The SUPREME TOTALONE also features TUUK LS Fusion - Bauer's lightest and most advanced runner in the company's history. The revolutionary runner design fuses the strength and performance of Bauer's elite stainless steel with high-grade aluminum to reduce weight by 27 percent while delivering increased speed and power.

Rounding out the features of the SUPREME TOTALONE skate is Total Edge Comfort, a padded overlay located high on the ankle to alleviate abrasions during the break-in period. Once only available as a custom option for elite NHL players, Total Edge Comfort is now available on every pair of SUPREME TOTALONE skates.